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My Personal Message To You,

I believe that life is to be lived as an exclamation, not an explanation. The cemetery is the richest place on earth as so many unfulfilled dreams and ideas are buried there. Learn from this, experience life and use it up.

Life is multi-phased. The book of life has an introduction, preface, body, a summary and a conclusion. Inevitably every life has these chapters. The introduction is the formative influence of our family environment and our early years preparing us for the rest of our lives. The preface is the personal experimentation of early life that leads us to our identity. The body of our book is the using of the influence of our introduction and preface to grow independently by gathering and processing new information and experiences. The summary is what we pass on to our peers and to future generations. The conclusion is the personal meaning of our book of life. In a very real way, the book of life is a story of values.

Therefore, my dear friend, gain as much from your "Book of Life" as you can while giving back to others all that is in your ability.  May you enjoy love, happiness, peace and joy!

Best Wishes,

Madeleine Singer, PHD

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