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You have made the choice to affect positive changes and to realize fully all that this world has to offer. As our purpose in life changes from one priority to another, a single goal that remains constant is the ability to be proactive. This is Dr Maddy's goal in all areas of her work. So as you surf the pages of this website and obtain some of Dr Singer's - life changing - material, be prepared for phenomenal changes that can be evident in all parts of your life.

Globally, Dr Singer currently works with “Fortune 500” Corporations, major universities, professional athletes, relationship trainings and groups of all sizes in the areas of relaxation techniques for transformational growth, creative thinking, stress management, productivity and effectiveness training. Dr Madeleine Singer, Dr Maddy, Dr Singer, relaxation technique  Her philosophy of Changing Ordinary to Extraordinary has served to make her a dynamic and effective educator for personal productivity and performance.

Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, she received her B.S. inEducation with majors in science and psychology from Southern Connecticut State College. Continuing her education, she earned her certification in Therapeutic Touch by the New York University School of Nursing and in Psychic Development by the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development. Her extensive training includes herbology, nutrition, acupressure and myotherapy. Still thirsty for knowledge and skills, she studied and became experienced in Time Line Therapy and was certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She continues her studies today with special interest and attention to education, health, creativity and leadership. She attained her Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Dr. Singer has produced and hosted two television series, "The Holistic Approach" and "Energetix." She is also a health columnist for several magazines. She is the author of four books and numerous life changing CDs. She lives a whole and active life with residences in Palm Beach, Florida, New York City, NY and Park City, Utah.


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