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The Psychology of Synergy

Madeleine Singer presents a bundle of wisdom in the simplest possible language, as directly and nakedly as possible…..For those who wish to wake up and smell the coffee, turn the page and meet Madeline Singer.

Robert Anton Wilson

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Phenomenal Women That's Us

This is a book for and about women in midlife. Though society idolizes words such as beauty, health and youth and conjures images of rich, young women ruling the world, the real power years come later, within the midlife cycle. Midlife is a time when intellect, compassion and experience can combine with positive action to blend true, authentic power.

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This book is an invaluable Bartlett's compendium of floating quotables. It's a wry, honest, mischievous, feisty, poetic-prosaic, zendy-trendy, collection of contemporary resights. Plus WARM FUZZIES!

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Power Up For Success

This book is a compilation of knowledge from my workshops to show you how to actually do healing, direct energy to attract what you want, have great relationships and maintain them, go from burnout to success and self-esteem, and how to effortlessly become the best you can be.

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