Frequently Asked Questions

Q.(1) In the past, I have felt that my relationships always needed improvement. What are some techniques for improving my current and future relationships? Click for answer

Q.(2) My life is stressful. Help! Click for answer

Q.(3) I want to be successful! Whether it be in my private and/or my professional life, how and where do start? Click for answer

Q.(4) I tend to have a temper and get angry and hostile. How can I control my emotions? Click for answer

Q.(5) I have allowed myself to be a victim of circumstances so my self-esteem is low. What can I do to boost it up? Click for answer

Q.(6) I am over committed, over stressed and over scheduled. How do I get back into control? Click for answer

Q.(7) I am finding myself attracted to many women. How do I know if I am in love? Click for answer

Q.(8) I am fearful about change. How can I get out of my comfort zone and risk without having anxiety and fear? Click for answer

Q.(9) I tend to get depressed. What do I do? Click for answer

Q.(10) I am forgetting things. How can I improve my memory? Click for answer

Q.(11) I have only used traditional methods when I am ill. What is holistic and alternative medicine? Click for answer

Q.(12) I love music. How do I use it as a therapy for health and creativity? Click for answer

Q.(13) I have been the major caretaker for my parents and children. Please give me more coping skills. Click for answer

Q.(14)I am a competitive person in both my work and sports. I want to learn how to be in the zone and reach my full potential. What are some methods that I can use to perform in the zone and focus better? Click for answer

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