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By helping others heal themselves, Dr Madeleine Singer has come full circle in her own search for the ultimate self. Dr Maddy has always been inclined towards health and healing. In college, Dr Maddy majored in science while also earning her B.S. in Education from Southern Connecticut State College. Dr Maddy worked in clinical microscopy as a hematologist at Yale New Haven Hospital and at the Veteran's Hospital also in West Haven, Connecticut.

Dr Singer was accepted by Yale Medical School, however her strong desire to teach drew her into the field of education as she thrives in a classroom or lecture hall. She attained her Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Dr Maddy has authored four books and recorded five soothing CDs mixing her art of the voice with beautifully orchestrated music. Dr Madeleine Singer's gift to humanity is to put each of you in touch with a vibrant life and healthy emotions.

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