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    motivation, inspirational quotes, procrastination

    happiness, peace

    menopause symptoms, menopause

    osteoporosis, breast cancer, hysterectomy, ovarian cysts

    Halloween costume, Halloween, masquerade

Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions:

relationship techniques, relationships - Answer to question one 

stress, health, balance - Answer to question two

I want to be successful, success - Answer to question three

temper, angry, control my anger - Answer to question four

low self esteem, victim of circumstances - Answer to question five

over committed, over stressed, over scheduled - Answer to question six

love, misconceptions of love, am I in love? - Answer to question seven

risk, comfort zone - Answer to question eight

depressed - Answer to question nine

memory improvement, memory - Answer to question ten

alternative medicine, holistic traditional medicine - Answer to question eleven

music, health, creativity - Answer to question twelve

caretaker, caregiver - Answer to question thirteen

in the zone, potential - Answer to question fourteen

All the books by Dr Maddy

            Phenomenal Women Thats Us! 

            Power Up For Success


            The Psychology of Synergy

All the CDs by Dr Maddy

            At Ease With Alzheimers 

            Now Its My Turn

            Celebrating Life  

            Meditations In Sound and Light

            Coping Skills for Caregivers

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